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Unity setup instructions

(1) Download
Please check the specs of the PC to be set up.
[Recommended specs]
* Mac PC: OS X Ver10.9 or higher
* Windows PC: Windows 8 or higher
Please download ​Unity from the page.
(2) Installation
Start the downloaded "Unity Installer".
[For Windows]
* Be sure to install "Unity2018...".
* Since "Visual Studio" is used, please confirm that Visual Studio is installed.
[For Mac]
* Be sure to install "Unity2018...".
* Since "Visual Studio for Mac" is used, please confirm that Visual Studio for Mac is installed.
(3) Creating a Unity account
After the installation is completed, the following screen will be displayed when you start Unity for the first time.
​"create one"Click to open the page and fill in the fields in order.
* An "approval confirmation email" will be sent to the "Email" registered here.
*Please do not forget your "Password" as you will need it when you log in in the future.
* "Username" cannot be used if the same one has already been registered.
​* Don't forget to check "I agree...".
When you press "Create Unity ID", the following announcement will be displayed and an e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address, so please check the e-mail.
open the email that arrived"Link to confirm email"Please click on the.
If the following message appears, account creation is complete.
Return to Unity, enter the registered address and password, and click "Sign In".
Select "Personal" for the license.
Check all that apply for license usage.
Answer survey questions.
If "Thank you!" is displayed, setup is complete.
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