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Can do anything, connect with anything…


May 31, 2023 Recruitment information  Recruitment informationThe has been updated

​Use of 3D data

3D data such as BIM, CIM, point cloudIf you can link and manage various information such as heavy machinery, the safety management of the site will be stronger.

In addition, by using 3D data on-site, progress management on-site will be smoother.

Solids are “things” themselves.

By building a system that controls and manages existing "things" such as BIM/CIM, we can more reliably manage site conditions that change in real time.


​Point Cloud



Remoteization/Automation support

How about acquiring and managing GNSS, CPS, and a lot of information to promote remote control and automation?

Our remote operation and automatic operation systems are actually used at the sites of major general contractors.

​However, isn't advanced technology expensive? Isn't there some anxiety?

We will propose a plan that matches your company's development project, such as trial introduction of a reliable system that is actually used.

We will do our best to support you as a necessary tool that leads to the solution of your company's issues such as telework and labor shortage.

Using DigitalTwin

Your system may become more convenient and smarter with the introduction of AI.

​Integrating disparate systems for easier...

​We propose to use AI, IoT, and digital twins familiarly.

iot machine learning with human and object recognition which use artificial intelligence t

Digital Twin



Utilized for VR/AR

BIM, CIM, 3D data such as point cloud, automation and management system for heavy machinery...

By utilizing the constructed system in VR, it will be reborn as a sensory system.

It is possible to experience the site itself by converting part of the practical system built for the site into VR, rather than aiming for a sense of presence or VR.

​In addition, if you use WebVR, which does not require a headset, it will become a tool that many people can use more easily.

​You can create a metaverse that meets your needs.

Work with everything

We offer a system for your company.

I was advised to purchase an off-the-shelf system and cannot link with the existing system...

Refused to customize...

We often use our company because of such experiences.

Cranes... Dump trucks... AGVs... Drones...

First of all, please consult with us about your company's wishes.

Can do anything, connect with anything…



Use ​DX to start improving your work efficiency. 

​Please feel free to contact us first. We will guide you to the best solution for your needs.

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